Jersey Madness Monday Part 2

By Richard Gonzalez

A team’s jersey is something unique and very special. This goes a lot more for hockey and its fans, who have such a special connection to their team’s jersey. I posted an article about concept jerseys created by various graphic artists, and it got plenty of responses by fans. It even inspired Ronald Wray of Rival Hockey Jerseys (IG: @rival_hockey_jerseys) to create a fresh bunch to throw into the discussions.

Below we will feature all of Ronald’s Anaheim designs plus a few other ones we found floating online.

Ronald Wray’s Designs

1. The first thing that sticks out about this is the shoulder patches. That Duck logo is really unique and shows some serious attitude. I like it a lot and wish it were utilized a lot more than they have been. I am traditionally not too big of a fan of green but this one is not bad. The color mixture compliments it a lot better.

2. This is somewhat similar to the Ducks third jersey now with some changes that ultimately make it better. I like the added black to the shoulder with the white and tan color strips that transition to the main part of the jersey. I also like the new striping Ronald uses at the bottom and at the lower sleeves. I wish there was a little more black but overall this looks like a complete fresh jersey unlike the current third ones that have an incomplete feel to them.

3. One of my favorite Ducks jersey was the Mighty Ducks third jersey they used for the 2005-06 season. I like the similar font used in the first image. That and the Mighty Ducks patch on the shoulder really stand out to me. Obviously, the mostly black color jersey sits extremely well with me. I do wish there was the little font above “Anaheim.” That writing of “Anaheim Ducks” is something subtle but is probably my favorite part of this design.

4. This design is the same besides the one obvious change on the shoulder patches. This is something I really like and it brings more of that prior third jersey back to life in more of an updated way.

5. This is one of the rare exceptions that I prefer the orange color over the black one on this jersey. It works really well with everything added. I absolutely love what is going on inside the collar. That alternate logo that I discussed before is pretty cool.

6. The same concept but with the added “AD.” Keep that original alternate Duck and boom, this one would be ranked as one if my favorites.

7. I always thought this logo looks a lot better on a darker colored jersey rather than an orange concept. Look how clean the 25th-anniversary jersey looked. This nails it completely. I still am not a fan of bottom striping used in the original and also the orange outline.

8. However, the orange outlining on this white version of this really makes it pop a lot more. I like this current version. This would be a solid way to add two types of third jerseys for the Ducks to wear. This would make up for the atrocious Nike home and away alternates.

9. This jersey design is really slick and has every element I want in a jersey. The shoulder patches are beautifully placed and the alternate Duck is finally utilized as mentioned previously. The orange outline on the logo is something I do not care for too much but this hits the mark. Also, I love the “OC” inside the collar.

10. This one is my favorite out of all these designs. This has everything I want in a jersey and is something I would not think twice about throwing my money at. The color scheme is perfect. It brings back that old school look that fans have been wanting and also has some new school flare. The multiple quacks pay tribute to the movie who brought this team to life and the “Anaheim” on the collar fits in smoothly. Also, the shoulder patches are a huge plus.

Other Jersey Designs

11. This designs brings another new-school kind of design with the old-school logo. This jersey is nicely done but I still do not like the striping at the bottom. Everything else really flows nicely and also like the “EST. 1993” inside the collar.

@Dakotapitta_designs @Hockey_Militia & @Militia_Collab

12. The same could be said with the white (away) version. Nicely done.

@Dakotapitta_designs @Hockey_Militia & @Militia_Collab

13. This Wild Wing inspired jersey is probably one of the most rarest ones out there right now. I do like this version. I still like the white one.

By: Dylan Wonka, Posted on Icethetics

14. I am not too sold on the orange version of this but I can see some fans going nuts over this. I would like to see of course a black version to this. Still a good outside of the box kind of thinking on this.

Template/applied layers drawn by Ryan Haslett, 

15. I really like who outside the box this design is. I can’t see the team re-branding anytime soon but this is worth a look. This one is a really cool concept.

Fauxback Jersey Design/Brian Wenzel

16. The rumors are each team will get a retro jersey soon. This would be great for the league. If the Ducks were to finally bring back the original jerseys, would it be a darker version or really doing a throwback and have the white version as a home one. Regardless, I really like this.

By: @Willettdesigns Posted by Hall Fame

17. This would be the darker version. I like the middle striping a little more than the one next to it but can not go wrong at all with this.

By: Matt G., Posted by

18. This is another look at the original throwback Ducks jersey and a new look at the current home and away. I really do like the white (away) version of the “D” logo.

By mthockeyjerseys

19. This was another look at the 25th-anniversary jersey. I do like the purple on the bottom but the top portion does not do it for me. I am not sold on the “25” patches. I think the Ducks nailed it with their 25th-anniversary jersey.

By: DTConcepts

There is a lot of great work done here. I can see some potential that fans can go crazy over. I want to give Ronald another shout out because he decided to create all new concepts after we posted our first set. His dedication to his work really shows.

Also, we’re planning to put all these concept jerseys together and create a fan vote elimination challenge between all of them to see which ones fans like the best. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, which one(s) is/are your favorite? Leave a comment below.

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